Ad Colen Quartet


The Ad Colen Quartet has produced four magnificent CDs over the past years. CDs full of ambiance, dynamic solo’s and volcanic grooves in which the individual input of all musicians plays a decisive role.


Gé Bijvoet (winner of the soloist award at the NOS Meervaart Jazz Festival),  an idiosyncratic piano player who always gives his own ‘touch’ to any music.

Wiro Mahieu, (winner of the Wessel Ilcken prize) one of the best contra bass players in the Netherlands, excelling through his groove, technique and lyrical sound.

Yonga Sun (winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition), who combines incredible creativity and groove.

Ad Colen, leader of the group, on saxopohone is always after narrative melodies, various harmonies and wonderfully crazy grooves.

A live performance can be seen by clicking the following link: Ad Colen / Gé Bijvoet Quartet